Dominique Harper, Founder & Visionary

About Us

Welcome to our coworking space in Decatur, GA, founded by Dominique Harper. Our space is a testament to Dominique's vision of creating a dynamic environment where innovation meets community, and work-life balance is a practiced reality. Designed for the modern professional, we offer a place that fosters creativity, collaboration, and growth.

Our Mission

Under Dominique Harper's leadership, we are committed to building a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small teams. Our mission is to provide a supportive and nurturing space that promotes professional development, encourages networking, and facilitates a seamless balance between work and personal life.

Unique Features

Onsite Coffee Shop: Start your day with our artisanal coffee and snacks in the cozy ambiance of our coffee shop, perfect for networking or finding your creative spark.Childcare Room: With our onsite childcare room, staffed by caring professionals and stocked with books and entertainment, balancing work and family is easier than ever.Content Creation Space: Boost your brand in our dedicated content space, ideal for everything from selfies to professional shoots, with or without our partner photographers.Educational Workshops: Gain valuable insights and skills at our monthly workshops focused on marketing, branding, and business development, led by industry experts. Community and Networking: At the core of our coworking space is a community of like-minded professionals. Through our events and workshops, we nurture connections that spur collaboration and growth.

Why Choose Us?

Founded on Dominique Harper's vision, our coworking space is more than just a place to work. It's a platform for growth, a hub for creative minds, and a family-friendly environment that values work-life balance. Our unique amenities and strong community focus make us the perfect choice for professionals seeking to make a significant impact.

Join us and become part of a space where your career, creativity, and community flourish, all inspired by the vision of Dominique Harper. Welcome to your new professional home.

Contact Us

(470) 270-6960

5000 Snapfinger Woods Drive, Decatur GA 30035