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Our Passion

We are committed to supporting emerging professionals, cultivating their skills, and inspiring a passion for collaboration through expert mentorship and creative innovation in our coworking space.


Join the Garden!

On-Site Coffee Shop

Our coworking space is enhanced by the presence of an onsite coffee shop, designed to fuel your productivity and creativity. This cozy nook offers a variety of artisanal coffees and teas, along with a selection of light bites to keep you energized throughout the day. Whether you need a morning boost, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a comfortable spot for informal meetings, our coffee shop provides the perfect blend of convenience and ambiance to complement your workday.

Child Playroom

Our Decatur, GA coworking space uniquely features an onsite kids' playroom, offering a safe and stimulating environment with books, professional childcare, and entertainment. This special amenity allows working parents to focus on their tasks, knowing their children are nearby in a fun, educational setting. It's our way of blending productivity with family-friendly convenience, making us a supportive, community-focused workspace.

Content Space

Our coworking space in Decatur, GA, goes beyond the traditional office setting by offering a dedicated content space, perfectly suited for selfies, brand shoots, and more. This versatile area is designed to meet the needs of professionals looking to elevate their brand presence or capture those perfect moments. Whether you're aiming to shoot content yourself or prefer to work with our partner photographers, we've got you covered. Our content space is equipped with a variety of backdrops and lighting options, ensuring that you can create high-quality visuals that stand out. This feature is an invaluable asset for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creative professionals seeking to enhance their digital footprint or showcase their work in the best light possible.

Monthly Workshops & Resources

In our effort to provide a holistic coworking experience in Decatur, GA, we are thrilled to offer monthly workshops and a wealth of resources focused on marketing, branding, and business development. These sessions are designed to empower our members with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in today's competitive landscape. Whether you're a startup founder, a freelancer, or part of a small team, our workshops provide actionable insights and strategies to help elevate your brand and expand your business. Led by industry experts and seasoned professionals, these gatherings are not just educational, but also provide a fantastic opportunity for networking and collaboration among peers. By participating, members gain access to cutting-edge practices, innovative ideas, and a supportive community, all aimed at fostering growth and success in their professional endeavors..

Memberships include full unlimited access to our space and amenities during operating hours. Comes with exclusive perks like a company mailbox, digital membership, complimentary copy and print services, and a discounted space rental fee for events.

Sit, Sip, & Savor Day Pass


Find a seat in our coworking lounge to get comfy and connect to our WIFI or connect with our members.

Add a child day pass for up to 4 hours @ $25 a day

Traveler’s Pass

Four Day Access


for 4 days (valid for 60 days) ideal for the woman passing through for a while and need a space to work without the commitment

Excel Pass

Student Membership


deal for the woman reaching her educational goals and just needs a couple of kid-free hours to study


Hot Desk


ideal for a one-woman band needing an area for completing work and getting it done in a
more focused environment
but doesn’t need it often. The desk is shared with other members as needed


Dedicated Desk


ideal for a one-woman band needing an area for completing work and getting it done in a
more focused environment, saves your seat and your name is on your desk

Hustle & Flow

Community Membership/ Shared Spa


allows flexibility to work and grants use of any open desk, sofa or corner of our beautiful, curated boutique (lounge),
informal meetings, collaborating


$15/ session

$30/session with kid space

Exercise & meditation sessions daily to help moms destress and recharge

Digital Community


A membership experience created with our global community of ambitious women in mind. Inclusive of access to online mentor sessions, business building templates and resources, network of members, and virtual access to live-streamed events.

This membership gives you access to select programming. Our programming consists of our signature events held quarterly as well as workshops held in our space 2x per month.


  • Keycode Access

  • Air Conditioning

  • Drinking Water

  • Event Space

  • Heating

  • Lounge / Chill-out Area

  • Mailbox Services

  • Meeting Room

  • Mother’s Space

  • On the bus line

The Board Room

Seat up to 8 All reservations must be canceled within 72 hours otherwise you will be charge for the full reservations. Space can be rented beyond normal working hours. Bookings are a minimum of 2.

Our playroom is designed to give parents a BREAK to actually get work DONE! Our safe play area is equipped with eco-friendly toys, CPR certified staff and activity areas to foster innovative thinking. Our playroom is designed for children 0-7 years of age! Rates may vary*

Our Monthly Membership packages do not include play area fees and parents can pay as they go for play area services. ​$30/day up to two children up to 3 hours a day (additional children $5 each up to 3 hours additional hours $5/hour)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's What You Really Need To Know!

Does Petals & Perks provide daycare?

The Petals & Perks is NOT a daycare provider. We are just like your local gym or YMCA, which provides on-site play area. Parents can NOT leave the premises WITHOUT their child

Can I use the play area without Staff?

No, our play area is always supervised for the safety of your child.

What do I need to bring for my child?

We have plenty of learning toys and tools. However, you do need to bring any food or snacks for your child that you would like for us to provide as well as any diapers, extra clothing, etc. We have plenty of space to store bottles and food! All children's belongings should be labeled.

Sick Policy

If a child is ill, please DO NOT bring him/her to
Petals & Perks. If your child has been kept home from school, has a fever of 100 or above, has a runny nose with yellow or green discharge, a rash has been on antibiotics for less than 24hrs or any other health reasons, they will not be accepted into our play area. The
Petals & Perks
staff has the authorization and obligation to deny the use of the play area to sick children.

Behavior Policy

Well-behaved children are always welcomed in our play area. Incidents that require discipline and compromise the safety of other children or Staff may result in a minimum three-day suspension from the play area. Biting incidents are a mandatory 2-day suspension from the play area. If a child is upset or uncomfortable for a period of ten (10) minutes or longer, the Staff has the option to request parental assistance.

Diaper Policy

Children must have clean diapers upon entering the play area. Changing diapers is a courtesy to our members, however, depending on the staffing and children ratio, it may not be possible for our Staff to extend this courtesy. Parents will be responsible for diaper changes at the discretion of our Staff. We will try to minimize interruptions.

Photo/Video Consent Policy

By signing up for
Petals & Perks
play area, you are hereby authorized to use or cause to be used still photographs or motion picture footage, recordings of your child's voice for advertising, publicity, commercial, or other business purposes. Said photographs and/or recordings may be used singularly or in conjunction with other photographs and/or recordings. ALSO, you (The Parent) hereby authorizes
Petals & Perks
to edit these recordings at its discretion and to incorporate these recordings into movie and sound films or audio – and videotapes, broadcasts (radio and television, including cable and satellite transmissions) programs, or otherwise, and to use and license others to use it.

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